A secret evil lair

Hello There, Dear Stranger!

radswolf giving a thumbs up

Or perhaps welcome back. Muahaha…  I wasn’t expecting company tonight, forgive the mess. I'm still cleaning up around here!- ah but still, do come in. [T/N: I'm still working on setting everything up! Bear with me. ]

I'm sure you're well aware of my name, one of the many, at least. I am quite notorious, a "Rad Scientist” of sorts. Conrad or ‘Rads’ works just fine, as does one of my other names if you happen to know them. 

This website should be the hub of all the cool stuff I'm experimenting with! Feel free to peruse my literature, pretentious ramblings, art, or any other projects I'm working on.

Special thanks to Jani for the code!


  • 07/16/2024: Finally implemented site makeover! Thank you so much Jani for the code. You rule!
  • 02/06/2024 Beautiful code overhaul by Jani! Now we have some cohesion here!!
  • 09/02/2023: I used a site template to give my website a fresh coat of paint. Everything remains scuffed, but I added a changelog, fixed the colors, and added some custom assets.
  • 03/18/2023: My beautiful lair was created!!