Welcome to my Website!

Yes welcome! It's so great to see you my dearest- Hey! Wait a minute... no... This simply won't do! You’re not supposed to be there! No, you can't be here! Go on! Get out of here.

Oh? You’d like to stay! Well, I cannot say no to that.

This website is still under construction. It's super scuffed while I wait on some assets I need to (Template by eggramen.)

Fine, fine. You win.

Well, nevertheless, you may come in. Please take your shoes off- Oh! And don't touch anything. I don't want dirt in my lab.

I guess an introduction is in order! I’m Rads, and this is my lab. Or… the start of it, at least. I am the resident rad scientist who does all kinds of stuff! I mostly draw, work on my stories Squish!, Ambit, and St. Cecilia’s Creek (among others.) You can learn more in my other pages or check out the sitemap to your left.